Seven Novelty Ice Cube Shapes

It wasn’t that long ago that people simply used square molded trays to make their ice in. These days, there are much more interesting ways to make ice. Why would anyone want to make a boring old ice cube when they can take their ice to the next level and make lots of fun different shapes.

If you are looking for some of the most fun and different novelty ice cube trays, here is a list of 7 different ones to get you started on your quest of quirkiness.These cubes are made in best portable ice maker machine with the help of following trays.

Seven Novelty Ice Cube Shapes

Lego Ice Cubes

We all have a lego lover in our life. In fact, who doesn’t love legos? This silicone ice cube tray allows you to create legos out of frozen water. This set of lego molds provides you with five pieces in different shapes and sizes. You can create lego bricks with these trays and one of the molds allows you to create ice figurines. As a bonus, these molds can also be used to make candy or soap.

Fairly Odd Novelties Kitten Shaped 10 Ice Cubes Tray Mold

Is there a cat lover in your life? This fun novelty ice cube tray would make a great gift. Not only are the ice cube molds shaped like cats, the entire tray itself is cat shaped as well. One problem with this mold is that you can only make 10 cat cubes at a time.Furthermore, if you are planning a party and want to serve cat ice cubes you will need to purchase more than one of these trays or start the ice making process early.

Bonison Green Lemon-Shape Silicone Ice Cube Tray

This tray is a bit simpler than the lego or cat trays. It allows you to create ice cubes that are shaped like lemons. These can be really fun to use in your cocktails.

The tray is made from silicone and makes ten ice cubes, half of the cubes will come out as whole lemons and then the other half of the cubes look like slices of lemons. As a bonus, you can use this silicone tray for candies, cookies, jello and more.

Pineapple Ice Tray

If you like lemons, why not try this fun pineapple tray as well. This tray is shaped like a pineapple, which makes it a bit more fun, and also it allows you to make 12 ice cubes shaped like pineapples. Serve pineapple ice cubes at your next beach party or in any of your tropical drinks.

Efivs Arts Penguins and Sea Creature Ice Tray

Made from food grade silicone, this tray allows you to create some fairly complex sea creatures out of the water. The set comes with a top mold and also a bottom mold and can be used to create several sea creature shapes including several types of fish, penguins, and even a whale. In addition to making sea creature shaped ice, you can also use these for making chocolates or other candies.

Polar Ice Cube Molds

This ice cube mold is a bit different than the rest. The set consists of two silicone molds. One creates a polar bear and the other creates a penguin sitting on a glacier. When you use the ice cubes half of it will be submerged in the drink and the other half will be on top of the liquid. This looks really cool but also has functional benefit. The cube melts slower than a regular ice cube, which means your drink stays colder for longer without becoming diluted.

This is probably one of the coolest and the oddest items included in the list.

The Fivebop Polar Ice Cube Molds is a set of two silicone molds. One can be used to create a polar bear and the other will result in a penguin sitting on a glacier. The coolest aspect of these ice cubes is that half will be submerged in the drink while the other half will be floating on top.

According to the manufacturers, this design has a functional benefit apart from looking cool. It will melt very slowly, which means that the drink isn’t going to get too diluted.

HDE Shot Glass Ice Tray

Moreover, If you want to go beyond making cool ice cubes for your drinks, why not use this HDE Shot Glass Ice Tray and make an entire glass out of ice. One tray can make 4 shot glasses. Fill the ice shot glass with some liquor and enjoy! Those who can’t afford to buy a tray can make Ice cubes without a tray.

Also if you want to make the glasses look even cooler, you can mix in juice, syrup, or gelatin with the water to add some color. Whatever you use to make the glasses will affect how the shots taste.

These are just a few of the novelty ice cube trays that are available. You can find many other types of fun novelty trays as well. Everything from movie characters to simple shapes can be found. Why not make your next beverage a bit more fun with a uniquely shaped ice cube?

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