How Do Portable Ice Maker Work

Ice makers are something that almost everyone now has in their home. In fact, most people do not even realize how much of a luxury an ice maker is. They simply go to their freezer and fill their cups with ice and then enjoy a nice cold beverage on a hot day.

While most people have an ice maker in their freezer or refrigerator, there are some people that also choose to have a separate portable ice maker. There are several reasons for this, but mostly because of lack of space in their freezer for making ice. Based on reviews from users we have covered top 5 best portable ice maker.

how portable ice maker work

Even though you are likely used to having your ice machine as a part of your daily life, perhaps you have wondered how exactly it works. No matter what type of ice maker that you have, the technology for these machines all work the same.

The Basics

The portable ice maker can make ice cubes by adding water automatically to the ice tray.

The basic components of an ice maker machine consist of a motor, an automatic water valve, and a cooling unit. This water valve is connected to the home’s plumbing in order to get it inside of the machine.

To take the water in a water valve has a solenoid within it. The valve is then connected to the main circuit so that the electricity can operate the valve automatically.

Ice Processing

Once the water valve moves water into the mold located inside machine the cooling unit of the refrigerator will then freeze the water. A  thermostat is placed to monitor the temperature. When the water reaches a temperature below zero, a heating unit will then heat up the mold to detach ice from the bottom.

Removing the Ice

As ice is detached from the bottom of the mold. An ejector blade will move the ice into a housing located on the front of the mold. During this process, ice will cut into cubes and fall into the bin below.

Automatic Shut Off

Once the above steps are completed, there is a notch located at the bottom of the blade that will catch the shutoff switch. This pulls the switch up and shuts the machine off. The switch moves up and down based on the number of ice cubes located within the bin.

No matter how big or small an ice maker is, it will work in relatively the same way. Even the largest commercial machines have all of the same components, just on a larger scale.

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