Portable Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide

There are many benefits having a portable ice maker. These units make it easy for you to make your own clean and fresh ice. Since the ice maker is portable you can use the machines in any type of setting. You can use the ice maker at home for family or when you are having a party. Having your own portable ice maker means that you will never have to purchase another bag of ice for any reason.

portable ice maker troubleshoot

When Something Goes Wrong

So it is easy to see that portable ice makers can be very beneficial, especially for those who entertain frequently. But, what happens when your machine starts giving you trouble. Often there are troubleshooting tips available that can be used in order to solve the problem. However, if the problem persists and you have used all of the troubleshooting ideas that are provided, the best thing to do is to take your ice maker to a professional repair specialist.

If you do encounter problems with your ice maker, here are some tips to use to troubleshoot his issue and hopefully get you back up and running.

Automatic Shut Off Not Working

If your ice maker is not shutting off even after pressing shut-off button, there is no reason to panic. This can typically be fixed quite easily. First, you will need to check the shut-off arm. This is the arm of the machine that goes up and down when new ice is made in the cube bin. Sometimes the ice makes it difficult for the arm to drop down. When this happens you can shut the ice maker off manually by simply lifting up the arm into the locked position. Check to make sure that nothing is blocking the arm.

Ice Maker Creates Too Much Ice

There are times when you only need a certain amount of ice and your machine is making too much. When this happens it can get really messy. In order to fix this problem simply follow the steps listed above in order to shut off the ice maker.

Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice

What do you do if your ice maker simply stops making ice? When this happens there is a good chance that there is something very wrong with the machine. However, there are times when there is a quick fix for the problem as well.

The first thing that you should do if your ice maker is not making ice is to check the shutoff arm. Look to make sure that it is in  right position and there is nothing blocking from perfect movement.

Next, you will want to check the supply valve. Make sure that the valve is open and able to fill the mold. If the valve is in a place where it cannot generate pressure it will not fill up the mold and your machine will stop making ice.

Next, if both shutoff arm and the valve seem to be working you will want to check water supply line. Sometimes these lines become damaged and water flow is restricted. When there is no water flow there is no ice.

It is also a good idea to check the shutoff switch. Make sure that you check the product manual to determine how to test the shut-off switch appropriately.

It is also a good idea to check the freezer’s temperature. It should ideally be at 5 degrees F.

The ejector gear may be causing the problem as well. If you see that the ejector blade stopped moving, ejector gear is worn out and need to be replaced. You will also need to test the holding switch, the ice mold heater, the water inlet switch, the thermostat, and the water inlet valve to see if the problem is within any of these areas.

When you Need a Professional

These tips will help you try to solve any problems with your ice maker that you may be experiencing. In a lot of cases, you will be able to solve the problem on your own as there is a set of guidelines available to help you through the most common issues that come up with these units.

However, there are some problems that arise that are more complicated.Call professional help if you did not have success with troubleshoot of problem. Moreover if your ice maker has a product warranty, you can simply deliver the machine to the manufacturer for replacement.

If the warranty has lapsed you will need to find a repair specialist to work on the ice maker for you. While you may want to save money by fixing the problem yourself. unfortunately, there are going to be times when a professional is necessary.

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