How to Make Ice Cubes Without a Tray

During the summer months, there is nothing quite like an ice cold drink. When it is hot outside, having ice is essential for cooling off. While ice is an essential part of the summer, many people are not fond of ice cube trays because they take up space in the freezer.

Now, you may be wondering about how to make ice cubes without a tray. While it may sound a bit crazy, there are several ways that you can make ice cubes without using a tray. Here are a few different options for getting the ice that you want without using a tray in Portable ice maker.

Use Ziplock Bags

ice cubes without tray

When it comes to making ice cubes without a tray, one of the simplest methods is to use a ziplock bag. Using a ziplock bag cuts down on the water absorbing any odors since it will be in an enclosed bag. To make ice cubes in a ziplock bag just fill the bag with water, seal it, and stick it in the freezer. The water will freeze in a large chunk. Use a hammer or meat tenderizer to hit the bag a few times in order to break up the ice. After hitting the bag a few times you will have a bag full of ice chips that can be put in any drink.

Silicone Moulds


Silicone moulds are something that many people use for making chocolate candy or for baking. However, these moulds can also easily be used for making ice cubes by simply filling them with water and putting them in the freezer.

Another fun benefit of the moulds is that they often come in creative and fun shapes. Your ice cubes can be almost any shape that you can imagine, from characters to diamonds and hearts, to animals or plants. These are great for parties or for families as kids love putting shaped ice cubes in their drinks.

Portable Ice Cube Makers


Another option that many people do not know about is portable ice cube makers. Portable ice cube makers are small and convenient appliances that are actually quite affordable. These appliances are great for those who do not have a lot of space in their freezer but still want to have ice cubes readily available. Making the ice cubes in a portable ice cube maker means they are not exposed to anything in the freezer, so they taste a lot better.
There are many different options for portable ice cube makers. There are small ones that are convenient for apartments or for people that do not have a lot of room to larger appliances that offer a large output. To find one that will work best for you simply go through some reviews to learn more about the features of each one.

Ice Cubes made from Stainless Steel

stainless steel ice cube maker

Instead of using water in a tray or another device, you can purchase cubes that are made from stainless steel or other materials.One of the nice things about stainless steel cubes is that not only do you not have to worry about them absorbing odors you also do not have to worry about your drinks getting watered down. In addition, these cubes can be used over and over again.

Other Ideas for Making Ice Cubes without a Tray

If you are looking for other ways to make ice cubes without a tray another alternative to using is a plastic egg tray. This is a way to make larger cubes. When using egg trays make sure that you do not put too much water in each compartment.

Another option to use is a muffin trip. This is a great way to make ice that is in extra large pieces.

Another possibility is to make ice chips. To do this you need a large pan. You simply fill the pan with just a bit of water and put it in the freezer. Since you are not using a lot of water it does not take it very long to freeze. Once the tray of water is frozen simply pull it out and bang the tray on the counter. You will instantly have cool ice chips to use in your drinks.

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