Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews

Undercounter ice makers are great for people who have large families or those who love to entertain. These ice makers can be used in order to keep up with your family and friends demand for refreshing icy cold drinks.

There are several different portable ice maker reviews available. Each of the different brands of ice maker come with different features and a list of pros and cons. It is a good idea to do some research on the different undercounter ice makers that are available in order to determine which one might be the right product for your needs.

There are some units that make up to 12 pounds of ice per day and other larger machines that make up to 150 pounds of ice per day or more. This holding capacity is one of the features that will help determine the price of the unit.

Benefits of Home Ice Machines

Even if your household goes through a ton of ice each day you may be wondering why you should consider the best undercounter ice maker. There are several benefits of installing these units in your home. First, these machines are convenient and easy to use. The ice that is made from the machines tastes better because there is nothing but water going through the machine. This means that the ice does not pull in any of the odors from your freezer. Additionally, if you find that you are often buying extra bags of ice, an ice maker can save you money in the long run.

Our Top 5 Picks for Under Counter Ice Maker

Now that you know why you should consider purchasing an undercounter ice maker, it is time to look at some of the different ice machines that are available for the home. Here are the top five best undercounter ice maker reviews.

1. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel

The Whynter UIM-155 can produce up to 12 pounds of ice in a day and is capable of storing up to six pounds of ice. The machine is stylish and portable with a sleek body made from stainless steel. The style of the machine can fit into any style of modern kitchen or even into a bar area.


● Sturdy machine that can withstand regular use
● Can be freestanding or built in
● Front ventilation
● Water line measures 9 feet ¼ inch and is made from food grade materials.
● Easy to install


One of the biggest complaints about this particular ice maker is that it is manufactured in China. However, this remains a high-quality product and the ice machine undergoes a series of tests by the manufacturer before it is released on the market.

2. Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews

This unit can make up to 12 pounds of ice per day. It stores about six pounds of ice without any issues and there is no draining necessary. It is made from stainless steel and can easily fit in with any type of kitchen decor. Installation of the unit may require a certified plumber.


● Extremely portable
● Easy Front ventilation
● Reversible door
● Automatic shut off when bin is full
● Includes an ice scoop


The two main complaints about this unit are that it is somewhat noisy and the water connector seems to be a bit fragile. A replacement connector can be purchased to solve the latter issue and the noise only seems to bother a few people.

3. EdgeStar 45 Lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker – Stainless Steel

EdgeStar 45 Lb. Undercounter

This rugged under counter ice maker fits into a wet bar, RV, kitchen or an office space quite well. The body is made from a black stainless steel and fits with any type of decor. The looks of the machine alone are one of the reasons that this product is in high demand. The machine does not have a drain line and can easily be installed. While it can be installed on your own it is still recommended to hire a plumber to do the work to ensure it is done correctly.


● Front vent
● Can be built in or used as a standalone unit
● Makes 12 pounds of ice per day
● Stores up to 6 pounds of ice
ADA height approved
● Reversible door
● Automatic shut off
● Clear markings
● Stylish design


The biggest complaint about this machine is the noise that it makes while it runs. Another is that the ice cubes made by the machine are not crescent shaped. Both of these things may bother some but are minor details when compared to the positives of this machine.

4. U-Line : BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker – Black

Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews 2

This fantastic machine can make up to 23 pounds of ice per day and uses less than 3 gallons of water and a small amount of electricity. This machine not only uses a minimum amount of water and electricity, but it can also easily blend into any kitchen or bar area. This is one unit that is definitely worth looking into if you use a lot of ice in your home.


● No draining is necessary
● Black colored body
● Reversible door
● Energy efficient
● One year parts warranty
● 5-year warranty for the compressor


One concern that some users have about the ice maker is that it is limited to use indoors. While this is a valid concern for those who want a machine they can use outdoors, it really does not take anything away from this machine. The manufacturer created this particular ice maker to be easily installed and to stay in a single position. The benefit of this is that the less an electrical gadget is moved, there is less of a chance of it being damaged.

5. SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker, 50-Pound

SPT IM-600US review

The final top ice maker is a beast. It is a restaurant quality ice machine that can produce up to fifty pounds of ice each day. The stainless steel body of the machine is enclosed in a gorgeous cabinet that can easily fit in with any decor. It can be used as a built-in or as a freestanding unit.


● Easy Reversible doors
● Full length door handle
● Creates gourmet ice cubes
● Ice formation is crystal clear
● It is suggested by the manufacturer to use filtered water to help extend the life of the machine.
● Easy to use digital controls
● Front ventilation
● Automatic shutoff when bin is full
● Easy installation


Some people are concerned about the noise the machine makes when it is creating ice. In addition, the automatic shut off is a problem for some. The automatic shut off has been designed to help save energy. To lower the noise, use the ice maker as a free standing unit so that friction with the counters is avoided.

Considerations Before Purchasing

There are several factors that you will want to consider before purchasing an ice maker. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying.

What Type of Ice do You Need?

May this question seem a bit silly to some as ice is ice right? However, when you stop to really think about it, chances are you have a preferred form. Some of the types of ice shapes include:

● Cubes: this is the most common form of ice. Most ice trays found in our freezers produce cube shaped ice. A half cube is another form of this type of ice. Cubes and half cubes are what are commonly found in vending machines everywhere.

● Flakes: Flakes are just what they sound like, small bits of softer ice that are easy to chew. Seafood stores often use this type of ice for storing their product.

● Crushed: as suggested by the name this form of ice is made by crushing down the cubed ice. Crushed ice is in different shapes and sizes and can typically be chewed quite easily.

● Nugget: this form of ice comes in a variety of shapes including gem, pearl, and cylindrical. Nuggets are soft and often are found in therapeutic centers and throughout the healthcare industry. Some convenient stores also use nuggets for drinks. The shape is what make this form of ice different than cubes.

● Gourmet: this form of ice is likely to resemble an octagon or a hat in shape. It is often found in fine dining restaurants and selected offices. The reason this type of ice is special is because it is hard and melts slowly. It is often added to nonblended drinks in order to keep them cold.

● Crescent: crescent ice is also hard and very clear. It is set in individual cubes that form the crescent shape. It can be used in drinks to keep them cold for longer and it is used to preserve food as well.

What Ice Making Capacity Do You Need?

Another question to consider is how much ice do you need. When considering the size of an undercounter ice maker the capacity is going to be important. Think about the size of your family, how many people the machine will cater to, and whether or not you want to purchase a separate ice machine in order to meet these demands.

In order to gain insight into the size of the ice maker that you need, simply calculate your current needs and concentrate on buying a machine that best fulfills the current conditions of your household. ‘If you find that you are often running out of ice, an undercounter ice maker can help you with this problem and save you money as you will no longer have to go out and purchase bags of ice in order to meet the demands of your household.

For restaurants and other businesses looking to purchase an ice machine, the current needs should be calculated and a machine that best fits the current demand should be purchased. An upgrade later may become necessary if the demand in your restaurant grows. It is also important to choose one that has a larger ice storage bin so that you have the leverage of being able to store more ice as you need it.

Undercounter Ice Maker Features

It is important to consider all aspects of each ice machine that you are considering purchasing for your home.Here are a few more things to think about when you are looking at different ice machines.

Energy efficiency:

Energy consumption costs you money, which is why you want to look for an ice maker that is as energy efficient. Products with an energy star rating can save up to 15% on electricity and up to 23% on water.

● No Drain or Drain:

These are two main types of ice makers available for use. Some modern and more high end ice makers do not have a separate drain line reason for this is because the machines are capable of keeping the water frozen all time. The reason for the drain line is because the ice makers cannot keep the water frozen all the time. These ice makers come with this drain pipe included and cause zero issues.

● Filter or Not?

Water filters are really a personal choice. It is not necessary to have an ice maker with a water filter, but it is recommended. The main reason to consider a filter for your ice machine is because it will keep your ice maker clean and will extend the life of the machine.

● Water or Air Cooled?

Air cooled units are often less expensive compared to the water cooled machines. However, air cooled ice makers are often noisier and they also emit a warm exhaust air, which can heat up a room.

A water cooled ice maker is typically the more expensive choice.Energy Star and other environmental agencies will not certify any of the water cooled units since the amount of water consumed by these units does not match the amount of energy saved by this type of machine.

What Is Best For Your Needs?

The final question to ask yourself is what type of ice maker is going to be best for your needs.Moreover knowing what your needs can help you choose the right ice maker that will make your life easier. Investing in the wrong ice maker can be disastrous as it can cost you a lot of money.

For this reason, purchasing the correct ice maker to fit your budget is important. Here are a few ways to determine the best ice maker for your needs.

Cafeteria: In a cafeteria style set up you are going to need about a pound of ice per person. Look for a machine that is well built and can be relied on during your peak hours.

Restaurant: in order to determine the amount of ice you need for your restaurant you will need to consider a per meal calculation. Each guest needs ice for their drinks and the kitchen staff likely needs ice to prepare meals. Typically, a good estimate is 1.5 pounds of ice per meal.

Healthcare: this is one industry that really needs an ice maker because the uses for ice in these settings is huge. It is estimated that about 7 pounds of ice are needed per patient plus another 2 pounds of ice for each employee.

Lodging: Lodges need ice for the same reason and restaurants. A good guess is that roughly 3 pounds of ice are needed per person.

Homes: if you have a large family or tend to entertain quite often, consider how much ice your family uses each day. About a pound of ice per day is a good estimate for the average family.


An ice maker is a nice appliance that can be used in order to improve our comfort level at home, on our boats, and in our RVs, as well as in other areas. Investing in an ice maker is a good plan especially for individuals who do not have freezers in their refrigerators. Additionally, families that often find themselves running out of ice could greatly benefit from an ice maker.

Before you make a decision about which is the best undercounter ice maker for your needs, make sure that you check and double check the features that it has available. This will help ensure that you get an undercounter ice maker that will best meet your needs, no matter what your situation may be.

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