How are Best Moscow Mule Mugs Made

When you think about a Moscow Mule the first thing that likely comes to your mind is the gorgeous copper mugs that these refreshing drinks are often served in. Moscow Mules are wonderful summer cocktails that have their very own cups, but have you ever wondered why? Or have you wanted to know the types of materials that these special mugs are made out of? Why copper? What are the advantages?

History of the Moscow Mule Mug

G.F. Heublein and Brothers was a small food and spirit import company that bought the vodka distillery Smirnoff during the 1930s. Unfortunately, during this time people really did not drink a whole lot of Vodka.

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One day, the president of G.F. Heublein and John Martin, complained to his friend Jack Morgan about how the company was having trouble selling their vodka. Morgan was having issues of his own as he was finding it difficult to sell the ginger beer he had created. According to some accounts of the story, there was a third person who was having trouble selling his copper mugs.

The three men got together and decided to create a new drink using all three of the above components.This is how the Moscow Mule is thought to have been created.If you are a regular traveler then this review on Best Portable Ice Maker will help you pick one.

As you can see the use of the copper mug for the first Moscow Mules had very little to do with the quality of the cocktail or any practical considerations, instead it was mostly just a marketing ploy to help sell the new drink.

This marketing campaign that was started in early 1940s is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. One of the reasons for  success was the copper mug because this is what made the drink stand out.

Why was Copper Used?

As mentioned it really just started as a marketing ploy to sell copper mugs. However, it was not long before it became obvious that the copper mugs added something to making this drink more enjoyable.

First, copper helps maintain the cool temperature of the drink longer than a glass. The metal instantly becomes cold, which makes the Moscow Mule cold and extremely refreshing on a hot day.

Additionally, the oxidation process from pouring the vodka and the lime juice inside the copper mug helps to enhance the flavors of the drink. Many people who love Moscow Mules does not taste the same if it is poured into a plastic cup or glass.

Other Metals Used for Moscow Mules

When looking for the perfect mug for your Moscow Mule you will find that many of the mugs today have a nickel lining or stainless steel. The main reason that either stainless steel or nickel are used to line the mug is to make it stronger. Copper is quite malleable and by lining the mugs with stainless steel the cups become a lot more durable.

Placing nickel inside the mug also stops the oxidation process. This prevents copper from leaching into the drink as this is thought to be unhealthy.

How to Choose the Best Moscow Mule Mug

No matter what type of cup you choose to drink  Moscow Mule, it is going to taste great and refreshing. However, if you want the truly authentic Moscow Mule experience you should purchase a copper mug set to drink.

There are many mass produced copper mugs available at affordable prices. These cups are made out of copper and will keep your drinks perfectly chilled. Purchasing a copper mug lined with either stainless steel or nickel is purely an individual choice.

To find the right copper mug for you, take some time and shop around. Comparing different mugs side by side will help you determine the characteristics of the copper mug.

In conclusion, the copper mug simply makes the cocktail look more enticing and keeps it colder, but it is really not necessary for the enjoyment of a Moscow Mule.

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